We support young adults in the Alenga parish on agricultural projects to produce local food sources not previously actualized.

Pig Farm

pig_farmThanks to the generosity of the community of Rosary High School in Aurora, IL, we have realized the dream of starting a pig farm to help provide additional resources to make the parish self-sustaining. Pigs have been purchased and are kept on the mission grounds. As the population of the herd grows the pigs are sold at a low cost or in exchange for individual community service. This project has been very successful and is now self-sufficient.

Fish Pond

Fish Pond - Alenga, UgandaTwo 300 square meter ponds have been completed and generating revenue. The proceeds from the sales of the fish are used to benefit the orphans and people  with HIV/AIDS. As the fish mature, the ponds are drained and the fish harvested. After the harvest the pond is refilled and stocked with new hatchlings. It costs approximately $400 per pond to restock the pond each time. Visit our Donate page to if you’d like to help cover the cost of stocking the pond and/or maintenance.

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