Alenga, Uganda - Note KaracelAlenga is located in Northern Uganda and covers a large region comprised of small clusters of homes and chapels. The main parish church serves as a center of community and a gathering place for the people of the region. The people of the area speak the local Lango and learn English (the official language of Uganda) if and when they attend school.

The people of Alenga herd cattle, fish, and do other trades to provide sustenance for their families. It is a rather insular community so little impacts the community from the remainder of Uganda, never mind the global population. It is very remote with mud and thatched-roofed homes built in small clusters. There are no paved roads and few motorized vehicles or bicycles, so people walk great distances for basic necessities such as water, healthcare, and school.

Despite the challenges of life in Alenga, the people there are generous of spirit and give of what they have to those they meet. This was certainly the experience of Christie and Pat when they visited. It was our pleasure to enjoy the hospitality, lively percussive music and gracious smiles of the Lango people.

Noté Karacel