Noté Karacel Uganda is made up of a small group of people in the U.S. and Uganda who aid the Community of Alenga Parish. Everyone who is supporting and administering Noté Karacel in the U.S. is doing so strictly on a volunteer basis.

ChristieChristie Billups, of Chicago, Illinois, traveled to Uganda with her friend Pat McDonell in June of 2007 to visit their friend Fr. Stanislas Atipoupou. Moved by the experience and the encounters with the people of Uganda, particularly the children, Christie now coordinates the efforts of Noté Karacel Uganda. From it’s humble beginnings to a growing non-profit, more and more friends are joining us in our work every month. Chiristie is an instructor in the Department of Theology at Lewis University in Romeoville, Illinois.

Pat_Uganda.3 071sPat McDonell and Christie traveled to Alenga, Uganda in 2007. She was there to visit Fr. Stan and to have her first taste of the continent of Africa. Pat was thoroughly enchanted by the children in Alenga and sponsors Monica Adur, pictured here, so that Monica can go to boarding school.

Pat is one of the founders of Noté Karacel and a member of the board. She plans to return with some high school students to introduce them to the children and land that she has come to love.

lori_dresselLori Dressel is a co-director of LaSalle Manor Retreat Center and mother of three. Her youngest, Brianna, was in the Little Flowers group in Plano, IL when Pat and Christie traveled to Uganda. Her idea was to partner her girls in Plano with the girls in Alenga. The girls in the two countries have been pen pals since 2005 and some of the U.S. families have been helping the Ugandan Little Flowers to attend school.

Lori has also done some very effective fundraising supplementing our efforts to educate the girls in Alenga. She is also one of the founders of Noté Karacel and a member of the board.

Kelly DoeringAs a long-time friend of Christie, Kelly Doering of Madison, WI decided he could help Noté Karacel by sharing his web design and photography skills. Kelly visited Fr. Stan in Alenga in March 2010 to photograph the work of Noté Karacel and the people in this region of Uganda. Many of the images on our web site were made by him. You can see more of Kelly’s incredible photography and work at his Stick People Productions  website.

Farther StanislasFr. Stanislas Atipoupou is the current pastor of Alenga. Fr. Stan is from Togo, West Africa. He studied at CTU in Chicago before becoming a Comboni priest in 2006 and has served in Uganda since that time.

Fr. Stan has done amazing work with and for the people of Alenga Parish. We are grateful for the support of his has provided American sisters and brothers with the important work of Noté Karacel.

Susan Candiru - Note Karacel UgandaSusan Candiru is a Library & Information Science Professional, educator and farmer in Uganda who has worked in Government Ministries, Non-Governmental Organizations and Local Women’s Organizations. Susan spends time in her farm located in Alenga village in Apac District.

She enjoys sharing experiences and knowledge with local communities to improve their well-being. Susan is honored to partner with Note Karacel in supporting the education of girls and young women in Apac district.

Noté Karacel