Noté Karacel Uganda

Promoting education and community development in Alenga, Uganda.

Noté Karacel Uganda, which means “Unite Together”, is a non-profit organization that provides support to the community of Alenga located in northern Uganda. We use funding and direct support to provide opportunity for better lives through education, water security, health care, and food security.

EducationWater SecurityTailoring SchoolHealthcareOrphans
Noté Karacel Uganda funds girls to go to school through the Little Flowers education program.
Noté Karacel Uganda is drilling new wells and fixing old broken wells to bring accessible drinking water to Alenga.
Tailoring provides opportunities for young women to create their own income generating activities.
Noté Karacel Uganda supports a small clinic and maternity ward in Alenga.
Noté Karacel Uganda orphan program supports children who have lost parents due to HIV/AIDS and economic hardships.

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