10 Apac Little Flower Students

In 2019, we have sponsored 48 girls in primary, secondary school and advanced education.  In doing so, we facilitated an opportunity for the families of these girls to see their child get an education. The U.S. Little Flower families and other sponsors received the amazing gift of knowing that they have directly affected a young girl thousands of miles away. By being pen pals, the girls in both the U.S. and Uganda have opened up the channels of communication to new cultures and ways of life in a very personal way. We are blessed to be able to share this relationship and know that 100% of our financial gift is going directly to serve these girls.

Educating girls is one of our biggest priorities at Noté Karacel, because our trip to Alenga revealed that girls are not encouraged by their parents to go to school. Most of them are forced to marry at an early age, and education is the key to help them rise out of this situation. We are sponsoring these 35 young girls so that they can attend primary and secondary boarding schools, and 4 girls to attend the tailoring school, and 9 others are in higher education and trade schools.

Note Karacel Computer SchoolThe boarding schools are private institutions as well as residential ones. It costs about $400 for a year at boarding school at the primary level. Once the girls complete their primary education, it is our hope to continue to accompany them educationally in secondary school. These are also residential and cost approximately $500 a year.

We are hoping you’ll join us in supporting these girls financially. Some of our U.S. Little Flowers do extra chores, babysit, and are willing to share their own money to help the Ugandan girls. We do different fundraisers throughout the year. We have been selling crosses created by Donna Atkins since January 2009 with fantastic results. We continue to raise money to keep these girls in school and to help others in the Alenga community.

Click here to meet some of the Little Flowers being sponsored by our generous donors.

Even small donations go a long way. A choice to sponsor one of the girls for the entire year is a gift beyond measure.

Noté Karacel