Health Care

Noté Karacel Healthcare in Alenga, UgandaThe infirmary at Catholic Parish Alenga is clean but sparsely supplied. Our dream is to provide medical supplies and, ideally, medical personnel to better serve the needs of the people of Alenga. The World Health Organization (WHO) recently renovated the maternity ward, but there are no qualified medical staff or furnishings. We currently seeking healthcare partners and volunteers who can provide basic services to the community.

Eye Clinic

In 2014 Noté Karacel received a modest donation to help young people with vision difficulties in Alenga. We knew that some needed glasses, and still do, but when we heard of 11-year-old girl, Immaculate, and her mother, Ellen, and our immediate goal changed. Immaculate had cataracts in one eye and was hindered in her reading and studies. Because of the generosity of two people, Immaculate has had surgery in the relatively close city of Lira, and her sight is much improved.

ImmaculateImmaculate is one young woman of many that are in the region who could benefit from help in obtaining better vision to enjoy the beauty of their village and, most importantly, to be able to see the blackboard at school and read their lessons. The donor for Immaculate was so moved by the success of the effort that he sent more funds for other young people with vision problems.

With that seed money and other donations, Note Karacel purchased an eye exam machine in memory of Christie’s dad, Bob Billups. The construction of an eye clinic was completed in early 2016.

When Christie was there in the summer of 2015, she was able to see the machine, the future location of the clinic and speak with Moses, the head nurse. He informed her that eye glasses only cost $7 each! If you wear glasses or contacts, this will amaze you as much as it did us. We hope to fund as many pairs of glasses as possible knowing that every $7 raised means someone can see clearly. What a gift!

Thank you to Insight Optical

Noté Karacel would like to thank Insight Optical of Naperville, IL for their ongoing support of our eye clinic in Alenga, Uganda. All patients are given the opportunity to make a donation to purchase prescription eye glasses for the community in Alenga.

If you are looking for excellent eye care in the Chicagoland area, consider Dr Gail May at Insight Optical, 1516 Legacy Circle #102, Naperville IL 60563

One of our board members and her family have been patients of Dr May for 13 years. She can personally testify to the amazing vision care her family receives. The staff has been consistently with Dr May the entire time and they are an amazing team. Everything about Insight Optical is exceptional.

Visit their website at

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