Tailoring School

Tailoring School - Alenga, UgandaTailoring school is an alternative form of education for those girls who do not meet the educational requirements for higher education or choose not to go to secondary school due to financial constraints of the family. Tailoring provides opportunities for young women to create their own income generating activities.

There are up to 15 girls learning tailoring skills at the school directed by Sr. Anne Nyamburg from Kenya. Upon graduation, Noté Karacel provides each graduate a sewing machine and supplies in exchange for a goat from their family. The goat is then use for breeding to generate revenue for the tailoring school and supplies.

The tailoring school now has electricity thanks to the kind hearts of Jason Lin and Frank McDonald. All the students and faculty are thrilled by this addition. The girls report that they are now able to study at night and continue progressing in their studies. We are humbled by Jason and Frank’s generosity in promoting education for girls in Alenga.

Previous fundraising organized by the Potterton Family and others have secured funding for girls to attend the tailoring school. More funding is needed for additional girls to attend and keep the program going. It only costs $400 per year to cover the tuition and boarding for a girl at the school.

Noté Karacel