Walk-A-Thon Team Instructions

Join Walk for Wells Walk-A-Thon Razoo Fundraising Team

These page is designed to help you understand the process for joining the Walk-A-Thon fundraising team. We use a crowd sourcing website called Razoo. By joining our Walk-A-Thon team, you have access to many tools to find donors for our Walk for Wells Walk-A-Thon event. Please follow the instructions below to join the team.

  1. Click here to go to team page.
  2. Click the green FUNDRAISE button in the Join This Team box on the right side of page.
  3. In the Fundraiser name field enter Your Name + Walk For Hope 2016 Fundraiser
    Example: Jane Doe’s Walk For Hope 2016 Fundraiser
    Note: A fundraiser refers a specific event you are soliciting money for on behalf of Note Karacel. You personally are not a fundraiser in Razoo terms.
  4. Click the green START FUNDRAISING button
  5. If you already have a Razoo Account, enter your e-mail and password.
  6. If you do not have a Razoo Account
    1. Click the green SIGN UP NOW button to create an account
    2. Fill in personal information
  7. Personalize your fundraising page to give people a reason to donate.
    1. Add additional information about the fundraiser including a summary and your story of why this is important to you
    2. Set the goal how much money you’re trying to raise with this event
    3. Add suggested donation amounts
    4. Add images associated with the fundraiser if you have any
    5. Add a custom Thank You to those who donate to your fundraiser
  8. Use the Share link for ways to tell your family and friends your Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser.
  9. Click here for more information about Razoo’s Fundraiser Teams

Noté Karacel