Water Security

Water Security - Algenga, UgandaSome women and girls walk many kilometers a day to haul water from the river or other natural water reservoirs to their homes for cooking, cleaning and bathing. Placing water wells (or “bore holes”) closer to residences is an incredible help to families as they go about their daily chores as well as reducing water borne illnesses that sometimes cause death in children under five years of age.

Working To Bring Clean Water to Alenga

Each bore hole costs $10,000 to drill and install the pump. We are continually working on fundraising to bring additional wells to Alenga. Please consider making a contribution towards our efforts.

Well #6 drilled by Note KaracelAs of 2018, 17 boreholes have been drilled and 40 have been repaired. We will soon be starting drilling for #18.   We still have far to go, but already, the benefits are being reported by the catechists from the areas where boreholes now provide clean, flowing water.

So many people have been inspired by the project with an outpouring of generosity. If you feel called to help bring clean water to the community of Alenga!

Noté Karacel