Christie visits Regina Dominican and Rosary Schools


Christie Billups visits Regina Dominican and Rosary High Schools

Our Noté Karacel family continues to grow. We’re so excited and very grateful for the participation of high school women at two area Catholic girls schools. On November 17, Christie went to Regina Dominican High School, where Pat McDonnell is an administrator, for the second time to let more of their students know about our work in Alenga, Uganda. Christie spoke to 5 theology classes, and the girls were invited to buy crosses at the end of the presentations to support our efforts in Alenga. Regina sponsors one Little Flower, Brenda Aceng, as she attends school. They are also accompanying Juliet Amuge with some personal necessities while she moves into a new phase of her life. Pat continues to invite donations through the sale of crosses on an ongoing basis.

That same week in November, Christie traveled out to Aurora to share the realities of Alenga with the women of Rosary High School. They were having an all-school Mass that day, so Christie spoke after communion to the entire school community. The following day, they held a fundraiser which brought in almost $600 to help us start the pig farm in Alenga. The generosity of the Rosary women is already being felt in Alenga, and those of us at Noté Karacel are very grateful. Thank you, too, to senior student Kelly Dressel (daughter of board member, Lori Dressel) and Mrs. Sandy Iwanski for organizing the talk and fundraiser.

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