Meet the Face of Hope for Uganda


St. Elizabeth Church with Fr. Stan

Meet the Face of Hope for Uganda

Sunday, August 9th, 2009 was a very powerful day for Noté Karacel and the people of Alenga, Uganda. On this very special evening, more than 150 people gathered at Saint Elizabeth Seton Church in Naperville, Illinois to hear the story of life and challenges in Uganda from Father Stan, a true face of hope.

Guests were greeted by men and women dressed in yellow, just as the women of Alenga do to welcome their guests to the village. The night began with a video introduction to the people of Uganda followed by a presentation by Father Stan illustrating the many possibilities for bringing hope to the Alenga.

Throughout the course of the evening, the Great Hall was filled with love, prayers, and hope. The power of hope was certainly deeply-felt at the close of the event when all who were present reached across the aisles to join hands in prayer. It was impossible to ignore the visions of the people we had touched with every word of the Our Father shared and spoken.

Along with the beautiful prayers offered for the people of Alenga, this gathering of hearts generously donated nearly $4500 to provide a future for young girls of the village by sending them to boarding school and the tailoring school.

We greatly appreciate the thoughts, prayers, and support of all. These contributions will without doubt bring about a monumental feeling of hope that will spread across the entire village like wildfire.

A special word of gratitude to the Potterton family who organized this amazing event! Dolores, John and Erin, along with some amazing friends, decorated, organized, solicited participants, inspired, and energized many to make this night such a wonderful success.

Noté Karacel